Slavic Teen Bible School began its mission of providing support to churches and parents with teenagers through education and prayer in hopes of strengthening their faith and encouraging them to live for Jesus.

During these trying times, parents and church leaders want to help teenagers grow in their faith, develop life long learning and commitment to Christ. The aspiration of STBS is to assist teens in:

Their pursuit to develop spiritually and spark a desire to serve God.

Expanding their understanding of Christian Biblical principles.

Getting involved in the church and their community.

Serving others and being sensitive to their needs.

Gaining experience and confidence in ministry.

Develop friendships with other teens who share the same desire to serve God.

Slavic Teens Bible School curriculum provides many opportunities for spiritual growth. In addition, it includes a wide variety of activities aimed at getting teens out of their comfort zones and developing practical life skills.

Class Lectures

Monday through Friday, outstanding instructors will teach three or four 50 minute classes a day geared at topics that concern teens today. Majority of the lectures will be in English and Russian.


There is no better way to start the day than with chapel. Every morning, time is dedicated for worship, prayer, and encouraging testimonies.

Group Presentation

The class is divided into small groups and assigned a topic for their presentation. Each group will research the topic and create a 30 minute presentation.The last week of class, each group presents their topic using specific guidelines and creative methods with each student taking an active role in participation.

Bible Study

Throughout the week, time is dedicated for each group to meet and read the Bible together. During this time, group leaders connect with teens on a personal level by sharing testimonials of what God has done in their lives and leading them in discussions about the Bible.


All students participate in choir and attend daily rehearsals where they are exposed to Christian music and receive vocal training. The choir will participate in local church services, guest churches and graduation ceremony.

Team Building

These classes are filled with activities and games that teach teamwork and encourage everyone to work together.

Etiquette Classes

During these sessions, proper etiquette is taught. The instructor also elaborates on the men’s and women’s role in society using Biblical perspectives.


Due to the intensity of the school program, there will be limited free time. However, when the opportunity arises, can enjoy playing soccer, volleyball and basketball.

Field Trips

STBS students are given an opportunity to go on exciting field trips throughout the semester. These unforgettable journeys on a charter bus provide both educational and entertaining experience. Below is a list of places that students have visited this past summer.

                  Hudson River Cruise (Albany, NY)

The scenic and historic Hudson River, the ideal way to see the sights. Perfect way to spend the day, on the relaxing and calming river.  Don’t forget the binoculars for eagle sightings!

                  Niagara Falls (Buffalo, NY)

Thundering waterfalls take center stage at New York’s Niagara Falls State Park, but as the nation’s oldest state park, that’s just the beginning! This leading New York attraction is home to jaw-dropping natural beauty, miles of trails and fascinating historical sites just waiting to be explored. A perfect location for teens to unwind and soak up the sun.

                  Sight and Sound Theater (Lancaster, PA)

The Sight & Sound Theater provides a great adventure by making the Bible story come to life. Students get to experience the amazing performance filled with live animals, colorful costumes, talented actors and phenomenal music. The captivating show produces a lifelong memory.

                  Darien Lake (Darien Center, NY)

This is an amusement park filled with excitement. It’s a place where teens can let loose and have some fun. The park includes many pin twisting and hair raising roller coasters that will get everyone’s adrenaline pumping.


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